Digital Marketing

At Epic, we collaborate with clients to create their brand’s awareness and recognition online among the targeted customers by the powerful tool of digital marketing. With sound creative presence and strong grasp on engaging digital channels, we do wonders for businesses via highly affordable digital marketing services.
From a wide range of options to choose the best fit against unique requirements of a business, we start by devising its digital marketing campaigns. With the client’s ‘go ahead’, we take our first flight to ensure effectiveness of chosen package while erasing any ambiguities at their end as to whether it would work or not in getting potential business leads from the digital world. Much inexpensive in comparison to print and electronic media marketing, our digital marketing service enables spreading the ‘word of mouth’ from existing customers much faster. By routing right traffic to client’s digital platforms i.e., social media pages, blogs, website etc., we let them get noticed and heard among prospective customers. With a dedicated tech team at the backend, we ensure clients to get maximum leads.

Service Area(s)
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO & SEM
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc.)
  • Video Graphics
  • Webinars
  • All forms of inbound marketing
  • Designing the online store layout with mutual consent and getting Epic team trained by the client in all related areas
  • Launching the product line online and making it live to be explored by the targeted customers
  • Adding payment options, engaging logistic partners and enabling operations support
  • Dedicating experienced Tech and Operations teams’ members for seamless project execution
  • Devising digital marketing plans and post reporting strategy
Proven Competence & Competitive Edge
  • Having clientele globally
  • Possessing competent and dedicated Tech team to ensure complete digital marketing solutions as agreed with the client
  • Holding strong command on creatives; known for offering distinct digital design options
  • Having geographical presence in 3 countries i.e., Malaysia, Pakistan and UAE
  • Holding partnerships with digital solution professionals both nationally and internationally
  • Sharing Monthly Analytics Report with the client

At Epic, we let our valuable clients successfully grow their businesses not only through their physical outlets but also via online stores. This exclusive outsourcing service facilitates clients in gearing their sales by replicating the physical store to an online one while creating a win-win situation for both the clients and their targeted customer base ensuring zero hassle and utmost convenience in terms of time and money.
Offering both comprehensive (technology part + logistics support) and partial (only technology part) solutions to choose from, Epic helps its clients taking their businesses to the next level by running successfully online retail stores. Starting from the very step of creating and making live an online retail store to running its digital media marketing campaigns, our E-commerce service links it to various payment options (if selected by the client) alongside adding cash on delivery feature. While directing prospective customers towards shop online facility, E-commerce service also provides them with a Customer Support helpline/chat feature to get their concerns addressed by our technology experts right away for a pleasant online shopping experience. In case of providing clients with the operational support against all online orders’ delivery, Epic gets an access to clients’ warehouse to make sure nothing gets out of stock. In the same context, with mutual consent of the client, Epic engages with logistic partner(s) to dispatch the order(s) on time to its valued customers. Thus, maintaining an outstanding corporate image of the brand. During and after project’s termination, all the intellectual property rights against the online retail store remains in the ownership of Epic as agreed at the time of contract signing.

Service Area(s)
  • E-Store + Logistics Suppor
  • E-Store
  • Having experienced Technology and Marketing teams to collaborate while devising a digital marketing strategy and campaign(s) therefore to get started with
  • Sharing brand awareness to running online sales & promotional campaigns, making best use of social media
  • Devising and ensuring the execution of digital marketing plans with mutual consent
  • Keeping client updated through proactive reporting as per agreement
Provence Competence & Competitive Edge
  • Having global clientele
  • Possessing competent and dedicated Tech and Operations teams to ensure high-end digital marketing and logistic support services
  • Being E-Commerce Service provider, serving as a one-stop solution i.e., Technology, Operations & Digital Marketing
  • Holding strong command on creatives; known for offering distinct digital design options
  • Having geographical presence in 3 countries
  • Offering either of the two solutions i.e., Complete and Partial as per client’s convenience
  • Sharing Monthly Analytics Report with the client