Managed Services - App Development

At Epic, realizing the significance of Mobile Application (iOS & Android) for business to maximize virtual reach and for letting the users getting benefitted through the specific service, customized App Development facility is exclusively provided from the platform of Technology Division.

Molazmat (an initiative to facilitate Blue-Collar Workers getting hired)

Through this exclusive app serving as a hiring partner for its HCM Division, Epic is determined to exclusively cater to the hiring needs of working class (manual labor). Adept in the art of plumbing or experienced as a driver; well equipped with shaping the groves as a carpenter or skilled in electric works – “Molazmat” is the right place to get blue-collar workers’ skills marketed and rewarded. With no hassle to drafting or furnishing a ‘Resume’ to catch the prospective employers' attention, the platform of “Molazmat” offers them a simple procedure to get hired.

Getting Hired via Molazmat

Having oneself registered with “Molazmat”, he/she is just required to upload a 30 seconds personal yet professional video. From sharing the necessary biodata like name, age, place of residence to briefing the digital world about the specific skillset, this professional video is his/her ticket to fulfil career aspirations with utmost dignity and zero hassle.