Retail Operations

Retail Operations Outsourcing

At Epic, we help retail sector clients to focus on core business while outsourcing all their retail administrative hassles to us. With a network of strong retail operations team nationwide, not only we ensure achievement of desired retail targets but also facilitate client(s) in making sagacious business decisions based on proactive monitoring and timely reporting.

Service Area(s)
  • Product shelfing
  • Inventory/stock audit/ report
  • Daily sell out reports
  • Competitors’ sales analysis report
  • POSM opportunities brief/ reports
  • Agreeing on project terms, scope and KPIs to sign the contract
  • Engaging and deploying retail operations team having countrywide presence
  • Training the team regarding project specific scope and SOPs as well as equipping with product knowledge
  • Starting retail operations execution while ensuring proactive reporting as agreed
Proven Competence & Competitive Edge
  • Countrywide presence of retail field force comprising of 100+ members
  • Regional presence via offices in 10 cities further enabling improved controls
  • Possessing more than 3.5 years’ experience of handling Retail Operations Outsourcing projects for blue chip companies
  • Currently managing nationwide Retail Operations Outsourcing of 2000 retail outlets for telecom sector client
  • Experienced project managers to oversee Retail Operations Outsourcing project(s) as well as reporting managers for prompt reporting to the clients
  • Having strong relationship with retailers nationwide to availing POSM/ shop branding opportunities for client
Prominent Client(s)
  • Huawei Technologies