For recruiters in any HR recruitment company, the uphill task of recruiting the right resource worth a million!

All focused to make the candidate win the show while facing the interviewers appearing no less than super critiques to the former, recruiters map their way out to adding a feather in their professional crown. However, recruitment never remained free of myths; one erases other arises. Interestingly, once realizing that the concept we had been carrying in mind being a rule to recruit the best-fit candidates is not the actuality, getting perplexed is so much obvious.

Excited to clear up your mind with recruitment myths it’s so strongly believing on, let us make you learn a few yet powerful ones coming your way.

Pining Vacant Posts to Online Job Boards is Useless

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With the supremacy of social recruitment channels. Yet the same is not actually true for the fact that most of the social recruiting options are linked with these Job Boards at the back-end. Still confused or in opposition, even rough statistics result in 50%+ job seekers aging 18-28 using their smartphones to browse these same job boards posted by any HR recruitment company to apply for relevant job opportunities on the go.

A Cover Letter is Never Too Important

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Believe us it is a mere misconception. For recruiters in any HR recruitment company, reviewing carefully the cover letter is a must as it is not just a piece of paper the candidate has sent. It is the professional worth jotted down to exhibit the candidates’ perspective towards your posted career opportunity at a glance yet comprehensively. Likewise, for the candidates, it must be considered an important part to be furnished along with their CVs for the recruiters to have an insight to their personality, job aspirations and career expectations.

Degree Carries More Worth Than Experience

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It is one of the most disgracing recruitment myths. For the recruiters and hiring managers in a HR recruitment company, ignoring more experienced and less qualified candidates may be the biggest challenge upfront while matching the candidates’ profile with that of job description. However, they need to correct themselves here! Experience cannot be challenged with degrees!

The same way practical acumen remains incomparable with that of theoretical exposure.

Lucrative Salary is Everything Fringe Benefits Nothing

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ideology is of no good in today’s dynamic job market. People continuously look for better benefit structure while planning a job switch. The better salary package with fringe benefits your company offers, the more chances you have to get potential employees’ attention.

Frequent Job Changes Prove Candidates’ Inconsistency Concept

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This recruitment myth is fading away in today’s fast paced working environment. Working in a HR recruitment company, behind frequent job switches you come across as recruiter in a candidate’s CV, there must be certain valid reasons. Before rejecting on this base, it’s highly suggested to probe the causes rather missing out talented resource.

Confidence is the Key to Selection

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BUT NOT EVERY TIME. A wrong yet confident answer to an interview question is simply killing rather getting the candidate even a second interview opportunity. So, better to apologies with humbleness for ‘no info’ then to be bluntly incorrect on the name of confidence.

Good Interview Selects Best and Vice Versa

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Is no truth no more. Many a times, managers’ expectations from their subordinates badly crash only because they put too much focus on selecting best on the basis of a ‘Good’ interview. Interviewing, if an art then to proving its accuracy and effectiveness afterwards is a science.  So, while giving final verdicts for hiring, do consider all candidates – the one responsible for making your mood worst may become the ‘Star’ of your squad later.   

Over Qualified Recruitment Selections Are Particularly Faulty

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But not in every sense.  Harvard Business Review suggests to considering over qualified candidates with the very belief that they are way better performers. With committed souls to accept challenging working conditions, they prefer to ‘stay’ rather to ‘leave’.

Best-Fit Candidate Exists Somewhere

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A recruitment myth which is not always true. In fact, you have to explore from the pool of available candidates, the ‘good candidate’, to transform him/her according to your definition of ‘best-fit candidate’. Once on-board, benefiting from his strengths and up skilling his weaknesses through growth and development opportunities, this one selection may benefit the organization in its entirety.