You’ve hit a good groove and the things are going pretty well in the office.

The workplace environment is even, amazing and fun. You’re comfortable. Maybe too comfortable. Maybe even… complacent?

The point is, you’re no longer doing anything to better yourself in the workplace. The key to success is a constant sense of self-awareness and drive for improvement, right?


So here’s a quick list of fast productivity hacks which can make your life just a little easier and keep those creative juices flowing at the office.


Running late and want to be a hero? Stop! Pick up coffee (or donuts) for everyone.

It happens to everyone (calm down you’re just a human). However, if you’re really not supposed to be late on a certain day but wake up on the wrong side of the bed, quickly grab some coffee (or donuts) for your coworkers.


Instant smiles; day saved!


Put the phone away. SEROIUSLY!

Before any recommendations and productivity hacks insights , just think for a moment: How much time do you spend on your phone each day? 30 mins? An hour? Two hours? Or probably more than you’d like to admit even to yourself. Now that we feel bad about ourselves, there’s only one solution: Make a change, and stop wasting your time playing Clash of Clans.

That pocket buzzing cubicle may go by the name of Android or iPhone, but by any name it’s just as distracting. When our phones are constantly buzzing, they don’t let us monotask on the complex problems we have to deal with.


So if you’re going to use your phone use it as a phone–not a tool for distraction.


Prepare for Monday – on Friday! WHAT?

We know, we know. “ How could I possibly think of Monday on Friday! (Isn’t it a crime or so?) ”

It’s hard. But (and this is an important BUT), if you do, you’ll thank us!

You know what’s a great feeling? Being prepared. Take the last 30 minutes of Friday getting organized for the week ahead.

Set an objective for Monday (what you need to get done will still be fresh in your mind).

Leave a treat for yourself on your desk (we recommend chocolates); give your best start to Monday you’ve had in a long time.
( We believe in such type of productivity hacks which excites you at your desk )


Is the office… smelly? Don’t use fake air fresheners, go the natural way!

You come to office with all the positive attitude and aim to concur the day but you find out the ambiance is not supportive and seems melting down your amped moral.

Don’t worry. Take a deep breath (in a different room, of course).

First thing to do is to spray down the entire office and install an industrial-sized air freshener. But you’re not going to do that–you’re going to take the natural route instead (The organic the better).

Take a tour to your local garden store or supermarket and pick up some fresh herbs–we recommend rosemary, mint, and lavender.

The best part in this productivity hacks? You can put those fresh herbs in your tea! Cool isn’t it?


Free food e-mail alerts for everyone!


(One of our favorite among the list of productivity hacks)

Turn the company food corner into a meeting point for you and your coworkers to socialize and become better friends. What a fantastic way to rejuvenate the office culture with a mutual sense of thanks–by starting an office-wide “free food!!!” email alert?


Learn how to be Persuasive

You’ve got amazing ideas! You’re just not getting them out there; you need to learn how to persuade your coworkers (without being lame).

Persuasion is a among top tier productive hacks, it’s a social skill–and any skill can be learned.

Persuasion is closely related to charisma. For example, if you’re an introvert you can be very charismatic and persuasive because of the ability to completely focus your attention on a person, which cues the building of trust.


Learn to Say “No”

For some people saying no is hard, but if you really want to elevate your productivity then you can’t let people order you around all the time.

(Of course the exception would be your boss, we’ll show you how to handle them in a bit).


For most people, a firm “No, I’m busy right now. I’ll let you know if I’m available later” should suffice.


But if it’s your boss who’s taking up your time, here’s what you should do:


Let them ask you to do a new task

Say “I’d love to handle that, but could you please look at this?”

Show them your task list saying “Which of these tasks would you like to delay to make time for this one?”

Now, wait for their response.

This is about as close to “no” as you’re going to get with your boss, but what’s great is that it keeps up with the professional air about you as you do it, and it shows your boss that they can’t just drop new tasks on you without hurting another.


Program Yourself to Adopt Productive Habits

Looking to add some creative juice to your routine?

You need to stitch the activities that seem like a pain into the fabric of everyday life.

It’s difficult to form habits because when we start trying to form them, we have to pay an initial transaction cost of willpower.

It’s really easy to make a to-do list and then just sit on it. If you’re really committed to making yourself more productive, take these productivity hacks as a challenge and put the hardest tasks on your list first. Instead of having a slew of Post-It notes littering your desk with separate tasks, make one master list; keep all your responsibilities in one easy-to-digest format and get cracking.