Marketing Services

Brand Activation
At Epic, we aim to facilitate our valuable clients’ concerning their country wide business promotion needs under the umbrella of Brand Activation. We take up the responsibility of executing entire Brand Activation project being a marketing services partner rather a mere supplier.

Direct Marketing
At Epic, we join hands with client(s) to create brand awareness and recognition among the targeted customers by directly educating and selling the physical product(s) to end users. A sub form of Brand Activation, Epic’s direct marketing services enable client(s) to reach out to customers on one-to-one basis without any retailer involved.


In-store/Outdoor Promotions
At Epic, we strive to build strong image of client’s brand among end users through highly effective Instore/ Outdoor Promotions. Being a people based marketing service, we enable brand image getting targeted customers’ attention through outdoor advertisements and instore sales promotions.