Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit

At Epic, we let our clients concentrate on their core business objectives while worrying no more about legal compliance issues as well as embezzlements with funds. With our internal audit services experienced team of professionals to improve internal controls along with risk management effectiveness, we ensure client's peace of mind through Internal Audit service. Epic’s Internal Audit service serves as a pre audit to save businesses from any hassle from the financial and legal perspectives. Our experienced Internal Audit team supervised by Partner Finance & Accounting Services (an FCA with 20 years of experience) is there to assist client(s) from the very first step. From the identification of best suited Financial System to fulfilling all the documentary requirements with regulatory bodies like SECP, PRA, FBR etc., Internal Audit Services secures the client(s) against every signal payment before getting it finally approved.

Service Area(s)
  • Identifying Financial System as per clients requirements
  • Keeping a record of each and every transaction as immediately as it takes place
  • Making sure compliance with all tax and regulatory affairs
  • Improving internal controls
  • Ensuring risk management effectiveness
  • Deploying experienced Audit team at client side further supervised by Partner Finance & Accounting Services
  • Guiding client about the right financial system
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance with all related governing bodies
  • Keeping the system updated for proactive reporting
Proven Competence & Competitive Edge
  • Having enriched experience of conducting Internal Audit Services assignments for 10+ clients from different sectors (most clients approaching via referrals)
  • Possessing competent team of Internal Auditors further headed by Partner Finance & Accounting Services
  • Facilitating client(s) with efficient reporting as and when required
  • Holding strong command over designing accounting software as per client(s) needs
  • Highly cost effective and reliable for top management towards making payments decisions
Prominent Client(s)
  • Tahir Builders