Instore Outdoor Promotions Services

In-store/Outdoor Promotions

At Epic, we strive to build strong image of client’s brand among end users through highly effective Instore Outdoor Promotions Services. Being a people based marketing service, we enable brand image getting targeted customers’ attention through outdoor advertisements and instore sales promotions.


Service Area(s)
  • Product demonstration for branding
  • Offering at least 3 creative options against RFPs
  • Getting production of material done along with its installation in agreement with project scope
  • Seeking market permissions and dealing with all government officials/ agencies on behalf of the client through experienced Operations team
  • Hiring and training staff as per project requirements to boost brand via exhibiting products
  • Conducting the promotion activity as agreed to create brand appeal and increase sales
  • Designating an experienced team supervised by Project Manager
  • Keeping client updated through proactive reporting
Proven Competence & Competitive Edge
  • Possessing well trained team nationwide to conduct the assigned project
  • Designating individual supervisor in each city as per need
  • Having 10 cities within geographical reach and 20+ cities within physical reach
  • Excellent creative department with 5+ team members to facilitate with creative design options
  • Strong relations with local authorities like PHA, TMA, private shopping malls’ management as well as local retailers to get permissions for branding campaigns
  • Possessing strong Marketing Services team to identify and advise branding location(s) to each client as per unique product and promotional needs
  • Having more than 10 quality registered vendors for production of branding material like sign boards, skins etc.
  • Delivering desired results against every promotion assignment
  • Providing proactive reporting regarding project’s progress on daily basis via our Instore Outdoor Promotions Services