Incentive based Retail Sales Promotion

Incentive based Retail Sales Promotion Outsourcing

At Epic, we strive to facilitate clients through our exclusive service of incentive based retail sales promotion outsourcing. Having our strong networking and liaising with retailers, we ensure promised results delivery at every step of the project i.e., from designing retail sales promotion policy to its execution and further to its efficient reporting.

Service Area(s)
  • Designing retail sales promotion policy on monthly basis
  • Deploying policy within retail network
  • Execution of incentive policy
  • Preparation of shop wise incentive on monthly basis
  • Verification for incentive
  • Bank transference of monthly incentive to retailers
  • Agreeing on the scope of project and signing agreement
  • Designing incentive based sales promotion policy separately for every month considering promotion focus
  • Convincing retailers to agree upon the promotion policy and getting the agreement signed from them
  • Opening of retailers’ bank accounts (if required)
  • Training all retailers on new policy for right execution
  • Data collection in terms of invoices on daily/ weekly basis to calculate incentive as per incentive policy from all retailers nationwide
  • Centralized Verification of incentive data against all submitted invoices of each retailer
  • Calculating and preparing monthly incentive for all retailers
  • Forwarding the prepared retail incentive amount to client for final approval
  • Transferring monthly incentive of retailers in their bank account and submitting final invoice to client with all evidence
Proven Competence & Competitive Edge
  • Experienced sales and marketing professionals from retail industry / sector on payroll and panel of Epic Consulting including FMCG, Telecom and Fashion Industry
  • Countrywide team of 150+ employees with retail sales experience & strong liaison with retailers of their regional offices for policy deployment in every city as well as training of retailers nationwide
  • Weekly Data collection in terms of invoices and other selling proofs and develop timely reporting for clients
  • Currently managing incentive based retail sales promotion projects for certain clients having 800+ retailers nationwide
  • Separate call centre with customer services support and fully functional hotline number of every accepted project to entertain any query regarding Retail Sales Incentive project
Prominent Client(s)
  • Huawei Technologies