At Epic, we create ease for our clients by taking away all their accounting hassles. While keeping updated business records pertaining to all financial transactions and ensuring proactive reporting, our bookkeeping service enables clients to make informed decisions at the right time. The most reliable BookKeeping services in Pakistan.
Our experienced resource supervised by Manager Finance and Accounts who is further supervised by Partner Finance & Accounting Services (an FCA with 20 years of experience) is there based at the client side to provide all needed support to streamline financial records. With its risk reducing benefit, our bookkeeping service (Finest BookKeeping services in Pakistan).helps eliminate any probability of monetary embezzlements otherwise suffered by the client. Besides, proactive reporting enables client to make smart business decisions confidently.

Service Area(s)
  • Facilitating businesses with updated financial records
  • Storage of all the accounting source documents
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Tracking of financial transactions (sales, purchases, receipts, payments)
  • Hiring of Finance and Accounts resource(s) with mutual consent (on Epic payroll)
  • Carrying out health cheque of client(s) accounts
  • Training the Accountant on client’s Finance & Accounting system
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance pertaining to all financial affairs
  • Providing client(s) all Finance & Accounts and Taxation related advisory
  • Keeping the client updated on all financial matters through proactive reporting
Proven Competence & Competitive Edge
  • Having enriched experience of conducting Bookkeeping (Finest BookKeeping services in Pakistan). assignments for 10+ clients from different sectors
  • Possessing competent team of Finance & Accounting professionals further headed by Partner Finance & Accounting Services
  • Facilitating client(s) with efficient reporting as and when required
  • Holding strong command over designing specific accounting software for client(s)
  • Highly cost effective and reliable for top management towards making swift and smart decisions
  • Having strong controls to ensure no financial irregularities with zero embezzlements
  • Conducting monthly internal audit/ bank statements at no extra cost
  • Resolving all tax related issues at no extra cost
  • Having strong referrals (share clients’ testimonials)
  • Win-win situation for both the parties to the contract
Prominent Client(s)
  • Popinjay (Pvt) Ltd
  • Infogistic (Pvt) Ltd
  • Water Care Services
  • Amal Academy
  • Enso Seeds

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