Employee Motivation at Workplace

To ensure a successful future of their organizations, entrepreneurs, today have started believing on the power of human talent they possess. With employees’ loyalties in hand, organizations have bright chances to keep pace with the industrial trends, to stand out among the crowd and to gain a definite edge among their counterparts in the challenging marketplace. However, keeping employees motivated at the workplace is not simply a piece of cake.

SHRM Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey 2015 reveals that only 69 percent employees find themselves fully motivated at workplace to the extent of putting full efforts and maximum energies to accomplishing their job responsibilities. However, what we believe is that for the rest of the 31 percent, the reason cannot be justifiably linked to their lethargic attitude, non-professionalism or habit of procrastination. Why is it so is for the fact that may be some of them believe on not being driven by passion and self-motivation, not being justly rewarded and recognized no matter whatever value they add to organization’s success and for not being provided with the fuel to take charge of their duties as anticipated. 

Intrigued to know how level of employee motivation at workplace can be taken up while taking their performance at the workplace from zero degree to hero degree? Then, here you go with us to learn 12 worth while tips to motivate your employees at the workplace. 

  1. 360 Degree Motivation

Employers must focus on fostering an environment with 360 degree motivation. What does this mean? Employee motivation at workplace must come from within themselves as a spark to outperform, from their peers in the form of acknowledgement of their achievements, from their managers/ supervisors as a big hand of applause on super performance and obviously from the employer in the form of reward and recognition for exceeding company’s expectations.

  1. Rewarding & Recognizing the Super Hero

People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards.” Dale Carnegie

Not just picking the best from the rest is enough. Employees feel encouraged to go an extra mile if their efforts and endeavours earn them due reward and recognition from the employer. Even if you are running a small size organization, it doesn’t mean you are exempted from appreciating the super hero.  While devising a reward and recognition plan, your HR has multiple options to choose from i.e., Letter of Appreciation, Honorarium, Employee of the Month, Performance Incentive and Award etc. Do let us know your pick from the list to making known your super hero to everyone in the company.

  1. Picking the Best from the Rest

I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.” -Zig Ziglar

Employee motivation at workplace also stems from picking the best from the rest. With a well- defined employee motivation criteria in place, HR can better keep a track of best employees. The one having maximum kudos and appreciation statements in his/her credit truly deserves to stand out among the crowd. However, to ensure transparency, every manager’s genuine feedback matters a lot before revealing the name of ‘Chosen One’ to all at workplace.

  1. Addressing Grievances

Employees find themselves motivated at the workplace if their grievances get timely addressed. If an employee is feeling low on account of being mistreated or less rewarded, then the management should take the matter into account to avoid disrupting workplace peace and disturbing motivation level of team players. 

  1. Establishing Partnership

If you succeed to give your employees the very feel of ‘Being One’ under the company’s platform by entering into partnership with ‘Grow Together’ philosophy behind, employee motivation level will definitely reflect a surprising boost.

  1. Promoting Work-Life Balance

Another employee motivation at workplace tip is to promote Work-Life Balance ideology in your company. If the employees find every tick of the clock as a burden rather a reason to getting closer to enjoy happy family time, then management should take into account this serious concern. Since, the reason behind a job for them is to have enough means to enjoy a healthy life style, if the element of joy gets eliminated from life leaving just work behind then employees might not be able to carry on longer with the job with the needed zeal and passion.

“Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.” Betsy Jacobson

The employees must also learn the art of boundary management. If the company is providing them an opportunity to stay motivated through Work-Life Balance, then they should also make them duty bound to give desired input during their official hours of work. Rather wasting time in gossiping and roaming around the workplace, they must utilize best of their abilities to guarantee their employer timely and accurate results.  

Once infused, this feeling of love for the company and work in itself is the biggest Employee Motivation factor ever.

  1. Removing Communication Barriers

No communication barriers between the boss and the subordinate help fostering a friendly and conducive culture at the workplace.

“I motivate players through communication, being honest with them, having them respect and appreciate your ability and your help.” Tommy Lasorda

With corporate world dynamics not always fit to follow a bureaucratic approach, employers must pay huge attention towards promoting employee motivation at workplace within the team players and their managers via power of effective communication. 

  1. Inspiring To “Lead” & Empowering to ‘Speak Up”

Employees feel motivated at the workplace if they are given the opportunity to lead at certain instances particularly coming under the ambit of their job scope. Infuse in your employees the passion to lead and proceed and you would find an obvious change in their motivation levels rising up. Besides, if the employees are not restricted to express their concerns within the defined professional limits or to highlight the issues they are facing towards career progression, they would feel empowered – ultimately motivated at the workplace.

  1. Setting Realizable Goals

Jobs of all employees of your company are as unique as they themselves are. So, while setting goals for the employees, their reporting managers need to know how much relatable and realizable they are in accordance with the skillset and job responsibilities.

“Everyone enjoys doing the kind of work for which he is best suited.” – Napoleon Hil

If the goal setting is not properly done, positive outcomes cannot be expected from the employees and eventually both the employer and employee may have to suffer – the former in the form of financial or goodwill loss and later in the form of demotivation.

  1. Creating Vibes of Positivity & Constructivism

Do you have an organization culture emitting positive energy and offering a conducive environment? If yes, then congratulations for having a team with positive frame of mind and constructive thoughts. In fact, creating positive vibes within employees who might have been undergoing a lot of problems in their personal life patterns is very much important. Employee motivation at workplace gets geared up if the employees find it a place of solace and friendliness; away from the fears of getting rebuked for no reason or being frustrated out of negativity in the air.

  1. Nurturing Trust & Confidence

Employees, if trusted by the employers, feel appreciated. This is not just a mere statement but a great reality indeed. When a company poses its confidence and trust on its employees, it motivates them to giving maximum of their efforts for the best interest of the business. Remember, an employee backed by trust and confidence takes better ownership of his/her responsibilities at the workplace than the one not entrusted just because of being motivated. 

  1. Instilling the Love for Company and Work

Have you ever given any thoughts to inculcating the love for your company and work among your employees from the very first day of their on-boarding? As a matter of fact, employers don’t pay much heed to igniting the love for their company among staff rather believe on customer satisfaction to progress. It must be clearly understood that unless the employees, being the brand ambassadors, are not carrying with them the right image of their companies, not finding their jobs contributing positively towards their lives and feeling demotivated at the workplace with jobs being monotonous, they are in no better position to make your customers love your brand as rightly pointed out by Simon Sinek:

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”