With companies realizing “Human Talent” as major contributor towards their growth and success, responsibility on the shoulders of talent acquisition specialists, head hunters and human resource managers has also doubled. To HR leaders, human talent acquisition and management has become more of a challenge where the former needs to be deeply understood and valued by the later for aspects overlooked before.

Let’s talk about nine (9) key Human Talent challenges being faced by the organizations from the very first stage of Talent Acquisition to that of Talent Management.

Transparency in 2017 has emerged as one of the major challenges for talent acquisition managers. With a lot of insight as to how your company stands out as an employer available on the internet via professional sites like Glassdoor and even LinkedIn where people share their workplace experiences, potential employees are sure to catch a glimpse before appearing for the first interview. What you need here is to focus on how your company image is being reflected – a good or a bad one, a professional or an unprofessional one. The need then arises to fix any gaps present rather brushing the clutter under the carpet. Being transparent also refers to sharing with employees the true facts directly linked with their performance and potential. Time to sharing false picture of how your business is moving ahead or going doing in the market has literally gone. For how long the talent acquisition and management be compromised with a cloudy picture when everything goes viral in a matter of click?

Right Talent Hiring is another big challenge upfront for the recruiters and hiring managers.  21st century has totally changed the landscape as to how selection and hiring should be made. Yet, still a lot of hiring managers are found following the old practices of just filling the desired headcount requirements rather making endeavours to get the right talent placed. This is just opposite to right talent acquisition whereby a deep search is needed to get the right candidate on board – both active and passive talent. As a matter of fact, ensuring talent management without paying heed to talent acquisition is nothing except sowing seeds of oranges and expecting grapes to grow. 

Effective Internal Branding of your business seems necessary for right talent acquisition. With internet making things open and clear like never before, the candidates’ after getting an interview call mostly seek help from Google to gain as much insight about the particular company as possible. While getting information about the company culture, values and systems through the internet in a few clicks from its previous and existing employees, word of mouth shared by its customers and/ or stakeholders, they prepare their question paper concerning your organization. Here, emerges the very need of effective internal branding of your company alongside external one which, unluckily, is the most neglected aspect at the part of the hiring managers.

Crafting the Right Job Descriptions is as challenging as managing teams effectively. With an unclear job description crafted, right talent acquisition and talent management is not possible.  With the selection decision highly dependent on the ability of candidate to perform the required responsibilities, an error while communicating the same role requirements would lead to frustrating results. Resultantly, failure in right talent acquisition would make the effective talent management suffer.

Potential Candidate Reacts the Way a Consumer Acts making talent acquisition more of a challenge. Just like the consumers are interested to look for customer satisfaction, the same way candidates are desirous to have a simplistic and easy job search experience especially when it comes for the top level positions. So, the best strategy to combat this challenge is to follow the same approach you adopt for ensuring your customers’ experience remarkable – your job applicant’s satisfaction is equally important as your consumer’s satisfaction.

Let’s take a closer look at a few Talent Management challenges too before you make hiring managers face all the pressure of right talent acquisition.

Talent Management is More a Hype Today in the sense that within most organizations across the globe, emphasis towards the proper implication of talent assessment tools is not visible as it should be. According to Marc Effron – a talent management consultant, a survey revealed that 20%+ talent management experts found talent assessment tools, succession planning and executive coaching initiatives as well as picking the best-talent pool as of low significance in their organization just on account of being too complex.  With just 18% of the companies claiming to win the talent management game as highlighted by Effron, isn’t is the time to ponder what kind of negative impact the rest of 82% would be creating in widening the gap when their thinking patterns are already negating its powerful role.

E-HR or Digital HR Needs to be Adopted by the companies to improve the employees’ engagement and support patterns not via inculcating digital processes like online learning but to introduce digital apps in the organizational design.

Employees Engagement and Retention are believed as the top challenges in the way of ensuring talent management in today’s HR world. With latest analytics methods and tools, companies need to foster a culture where ‘Employees’ Feedback’ counts to bring about cultural/ managerial changes wherever the need arises. 

Learning and Development Initiatives for Workforce if not timely taken, may become the biggest challenge in organizations’ way to talent management. However, if the employees feel gaining some extra points to their credit through learning opportunities provided to them, they would love to do so.

Today, with HR getting its due place in strategic thought processes of organizations and human talent getting its due worth, a ray of hope is there at the end of the tunnel that talent acquisition and management challenges are sure to get addressed in the near future.